Here we go!

My desk when I lived in Canberra, Australia.

Welcome to the latest addition to the photography blogging community. In the future TheFoxTakesPictures will feature posts on various issues appertaining to photography and travelling, impressions of the gear I use, and maybe at some point even tutorials. To give you an idea of what you can expect to find in the future, content I have lined up for the short- and medium-term include my take on the debate on Lightroom 6’s new HDR feature, a review of the latest addition to my kit bag (the Pentax HD DA 55-300 WR tele-zoom) and a series of articles on my travels through Namibia. To learn more about the motivation behind this blog, please visit the ‘About’ section. This website also has the purpose to display some of my work – feel free to browse my portfolio which can be found in the section of the same name.

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