About Me

I am a 29-year-old medical student and amateur photographer. Originally hailing from rural western Germany, I spent the last decade working and studying in Ghana, Australia, Scotland, and now Germany.

I became interested in photography in late 2009 when my parents got me a Panasonic point-and-shoot for Christmas. Since then I have upgraded to a proper DSLR, taken tens of thousands of bad pictures and a couple nice ones, bought some cheap(ish) lenses and drooled over expensive ones that I cannot afford on a student budget, and wasted more time reading reviews and watching Youtube tutorials than I care to admit. Quite ironically I also hate being photographed myself.


Among the many facets of digital imaging I particularly enjoy landscape photography (especially remote locations), and taking pictures of my travels, hiking in the Scottish Highlands, some wildlife, and the night sky, even though so far I have only had a handful of opportunities to practice the latter two.

About TheFoxTakesPictures

In the past I have blogged about my time working for the Red Cross in Ghana, and then again when I spent a year studying abroad in Australia. The idea to blog about photography had been around for some time, but I never considered my images good and my knowledge deep enough – I had little to add to what is already out there. I still have a lot to learn and am not satisfied with my pictures (I think I never will), but hey, everybody and their grandma are blogging, twittering, instagramming and whatnot, so I may as well chime in.

On TheFoxTakesPictures I write about various issues appertaining to photography and travelling, post reviews of the gear I use to create my images, and may at some point even publish some tutorials.

My Gear

The Pentax K3 APS-C DSLR-

In case you are interested, here is what I use:

  • Pentax K3
  • Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 HSM
  • Pentax HD DA 55-300 WR (Review)
  • Pentax DA 35 f/2.4 (Review)
  • Pentax SMC-A 50 f/1.7 (Review)

I also use a Hoya HD Circular Polariser, a Haida 10-stop ND filter, a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod with an 808RC4 head and for hiking a BEIKE q666c carbon fibre tripod with a random ball head, a Peak Design Capture Pro clip (Review), a cheap cable release, various cleaning products, batteries, SD cards, adapter rings and lens hoods, and carry all that stuff around in an f-stop Loka (Review) camera backpack. You can find my thoughts on some of these in the linked reviews.

So … who’s that fox?

That’d be me. It’s the meaning of my surname in a different language and it’s been my nickname in various settings. I’m the fox, I take pictures => the fox takes pictures.

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