Weekly Image #10 – Namib sunset

Sunset over the plains of the Namib region, Namibia.

During our travels through Namibia we also stayed in the Namib region. Our lodge was rather peculiar (minimalist concrete architecture, 70s furniture, very odd service) but set in e beautiful place, at the foot of a rocky outcrop facing a large plain. In the evening I climbed the rocks behind the lodge and set up my tripod and camera to capture the sunset. I employed HDR and in hindsight I should have underexposed some of the shots even more to prevent the left side of the sky from burning out, but I am still rather satisfied with the result.

5-shot HDR merged with LR6, f/11, ISO 100, Pentax K3 and DA L 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 lens at 18 mm.

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