Weekly Image #24 – Safari set-up

The Pentax K3 APS-C DSLR-

A bit of a different image this time – usually I show things I have photographed with my gear, this time I show my gear itself (well, part of it).

I don’t usually do product photography, and the above image is not professional by any stretch of the imagination. But when on holiday in Namibia last summer I decided to take a couple of images of my gear in anticipation of starting this blog and writing a review of the Pentax HD DA 55-300 WR lens. One of the accommodations we stayed in, Mushara Bush Camp, was just flawless from a design perspective. The tents we slept in had this vintage ‘colonial’ safari atmosphere – canvas walls, bronze taps, wooden folding chairs … So I put my K-3 with the lens attached on a folding chair, made sure it was clean and free of dust (and now that I say it I spot some specks on the top LCD), draped the leather strap around it, then grabbed my K-r and took a couple of shots from various angles. It was one of very few occasions where my old camera came out of the bag in Namibia, but this shot alone makes me think it was worth taking it with me.

Taken with the Pentax K-r and DA 35 f/2.4 at f/4.5, 1/80th sec. and ISO 1000.

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