Weekly Image #27 – Edinburgh Castle

It feels kind of like cheating to keep calling this series ‘Weekly Image’ after not having posted a picture in three weeks, but I have an excuse – it is called ‘exam season’, it occurs twice a year and it can be pretty gruesome and time consuming. But it ended two days ago, and now I am free, Sméagol is free!

This week’s image is from a trip to Edinburgh with a friend late last August. We wanted to check out the festival, the largest in the world, but didn’t do our research properly and missed most of it on account of expecting a busy folk festival in the streets rather than mostly theatrical performances within venues. We did visit the National Library and the Scott Monument though.

As we walked on from the monument I took this image of the castle – can you believe that in my three years in Scotland I have never been in there? But then again I know a Scottish girl who has never been to the Highlands, and an Australian who has never visited Sydney, so I guess it could be worse …

Taken with the Pentax K3 and DA L 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 WR kit lens at f/8, 1/125th sec. and ISO 100 at 35 mm. Edited in Lightroom 6.

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