Weekly Image #17 – Sunset over Hotel Chasseral

The sun sets over the hotel on top of Chasseral, Switzerland.

Yesterday I returned from a short trip visiting friends in Switzerland (more on that later) – one day in search of the sun (most of the country was covered in rain clouds) we drove up Chasseral, a mountain in the Kanton of Bern standing at 1,606 m tall – higher than anything we have in Scotland (or the entire UK, actually), but essentially a baby mountain for the Swiss. Following the winding road through the forest everything was covered in dens fog, but just below the summit we broke free. We parked the car and enjoyed a splendid view over a sea of clouds, all the way to the alps on the horizon. Later, when the sun set, I took this image of the Hotel Chasseral. I had to underexpose by 1.3 EV and crank the shadows up all the way to +100 in post-processing to reveal the foreground – combine that with an ISO of 500 which I needed to take this image handheld (I had no tripod with me) and you’d better not look at the foreground at 100% 😉 Still, with the K3’s impressive dynamic range the result turned out very well.

Taken with the Pentax K3 and Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 HSM at f/4.5, 1/50th sec. and ISO 500 at 50 mm.

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