Weekly Image #18 – Scaling the dune

A dune of the Namib desert, Namibia.

The day we spent in Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia many things impressed me – the smell of the dead camel-thorn trees, the sunrise over the mountains, most photographer’s reckless driving and, above all, the giant dunes. Standing almost 300 m tall they are the second highest in the world. I took this picture without realising that there was a human element to it – only weeks later, when I coincidentally zoomed in, I realised that there are actually people scaling the dune visible as small specks of black against the orange of the sand and the blue of the sky.

Taken with a Pentax K3 and the HD DA 55-300 WR lens at f/8, 1/640th sec. and ISO 200 at 97.5 mm.

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